Welcome to SBP-Breweries

SBP-Breweries is a new company combining the world´s sophisticated brewing technology from SALM® in Austria with the advantages of lower costs.

SBP-Breweries has a licence agreement with SALM® to purchase key components and to complete them.

SBP-Breweries offers plants with brewhouse sizes from 5hl to 10hl and annual capacities from 250hl and 3000hl.

These plants are available as industrial plants or Restaurant Breweries.

SBP-Breweries exports to the entire world market and modifies these plants to the needs of the specific region in terms of climate and infrastructure.

SBP-Breweries is also an agent to find you the right brewmaster if needed, although these plants can also be operated by on site trained personel.

SBP-Brewery Plants are manufactured under CE-specifications and Rostest-specifications and do have these approval.