SBP-Breweries Brewhouses

SBP-Breweries offers two different brewery concepts:

These plants are designed for professional operation, use full multi-step decoction technology, are powered by SALM®-External Mash-&Wortheater, are equiped with SALM®-Brewmatic Brewhouse Control System Type BM02.

Wort-Pressureboiling under vacuum conditions and 100mm PU-foam insulation complete this Top-Quality plant. For transportation purposes the brewhouse is separated into three components.

The full size whirlpool, the dual step wort cooler and its wort aeration device are separate components.

SBP-Professional Plants are available with 8hl and 10hl per batch. The types are called SBP-Pro-EC08 and SBP-Pro-EC10 and are available in industrial or copper design.

SBP-Beer-Lilly Breweries are designed for the small operation such as Beer-Bars, small restaurants or restaurants with part time operation. These plants are designed as bloc-brewhouses, which combine the brew-kettles as well as the full sized whirlpool, the single step wort cooler, the thermoelectrical powered heater system SALM®, the control system with manual operation and the cooling system for the wort cooler.

SBP-Beer-Lilly Breweries use stepinfusion technology and use external wort boiling technology. These plants are "plug & brew"-ready.

This type is called Beer-Lilly-Bloc05 and is available with industrial or copper design.