SBP-Breweries Cellar Area

SBP-Breweries offers the UNI-Tank technology for all plant types. The advantage of an UNI-tank is the fact, that these tanks can do both; working as a fermentation tank and working as a storage tank. Even for the primary fermentation, both methods are possible, pressureless or prepressurized primary fermentation.

The cellar works becomes much easier this way. In addition the prepressurized fermentation shortens the entire process time. For regular Lager-Beers at a gravity of 12% a total runtime of 21 days delivers the same results as a 28 days process time using the pressureless primary fermentation.

All UNI-tanks are fully insulated with 100 PU-foam, double walled in stainless steel, cooling jacket, equiped with sightglas, sample valve, mainvalve, front sided mandoor, CIP-cleaning connection and pressure regulation device. The operating pressure is 0,99bars. Higher pressures are available optional.

The pressure dispensing tanks are 50mm PU-foaminsulated, jacket cooled, designed for 3 bars operating pressure, equiped with front sided mandoor, safety valve system with gauge, two windows and one outlet with a 2-line manifold for the beer. A 4-line or 6-line is also available optional.

The cooling system for the SBP-Professional plants is an glycol ice accumulator cooling system, made in Germany, modified to fit to SBP-plants.

Beer-Lilly-Breweries use a special designed cooling unit for the UNI-tanks. These machines are controlled by a special computerized regulator.

To complete the brewery plants, SBP-Breweries offers a special tap system with low temperature python cooling for long distances. This system has been designed by SALM® and runs distances up to 185m from the dispensing tanks.