SBP-Breweries Services

SBP-Breweries offers a wide range of services:

SBP-Breweries plans you your equipment layout, you benefit from our experience. We specify the necessary infrastructure, provide you the layout plans and assist you with your preparations with your professionals.

Under our supervision our suppliers manufacture your plant and complete them according your specification list. You either pick up the plant yourself from the manufacturers yard or we ship you the plant. We also do the installation works with our technicians.

SBP-Breweries trains you the experts of your choice to operate the brewing plants under the highest quality standards. On request we also organize you a brewer or brewmaster for a limited period of time.

SBP-Breweries organizes you the delivery of the necessary raw materials such as malt and hops. The malt is usually packed in 50kg-bags, the hops is vacuum packed.